One of the UK's leading providers of Debt Recovery and Tracing solutions

One of the UK's Leading Providers of Debt Recovery and Tracing Solutions

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Business Ethics

Capital Resolve is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to ethical, professional and legal standards. This Business Ethics statement sets out the principles and values that we will support and be guided by in the conduct of our business.

In all dealings

  • We have a zero tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption

  • Engage in honest and ethical conduct, including the handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, between personal and professional relationships

  • Respect the confidentiality of information that we might obtain and retain in relation to customers

  • Maintain effective procedures to prevent confidential information being misused, and make it clear that the use of confidential information for personal and corporate gain will not be tolerated.

Dealings with customers

We are committed to being honest and straightforward in our dealings with customers. Helpful and responsive actions are key features of the service we provide. Therefore we will:

  • Treat customers fairly, openly and as we would want to be treated

  • Provide high standards of service

  • Respect the confidentiality of information that we might obtain and retain in relation to customers

  • Take all reasonable care to avoid untruths, concealment and overstatement in all advertising and other public communications

  • Operate an effective and compliant complaints process to deal with situations where these standards are challenged

  • Recognise that some customers will require a more sympathetic, sensitive and practical approach to debt recovery. We will endeavour to take account of the needs of vulnerable customers throughout the debt recovery process and will work with third parties where necessary.

Dealings with employees

We are committed to high standards of employment practice. Therefore we will:

  • Provide a clean, healthy and safe work environment

  • Provide fair and just remuneration packages

  • Implement human resource policies (e.g. Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety) to ensure that specific standards and objectives are clearly communicated

  • Not tolerate any sexual, physical or mental harassment of employees.

Dealing with competitors

We are committed to competing vigorously and in a lawful manner. In doing so, we will:

  • Avoid disclosing proprietary or confidential information in any contact with competitors

  • Not attempt to acquire information regarding a competitors’ business by unlawful means, including industrial espionage, hiring competitors’ employees to gain confidential information, urging competitors’ employees to disclose confidential information, or any other approach that is not above board.

Pre-employment screening and selection

In order to protect the interests of our employees and customers and to comply with regulatory guidance, we will apply rigorous pre-employment screening and selection techniques.

Health and Safety

We place the highest priority on promoting the health and safety of employees whilst at work. In particular, we will constantly review the effectiveness of our methods of operation to best protect those who work in our environment.

Dealing with Government, Legislators and Regulators

We aim to have constructive and open relationships with Government and regulators to foster mutual trust, respect and understanding. Therefore we will:

  • Not knowingly evade tax obligations

  • Operate in a compliant and ethical nature at all times.

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