One of the UK's leading providers of Debt Recovery and Tracing solutions

One of the UK's Leading Providers of Debt Recovery and Tracing Solutions

Optimum Recovery and Investigation Strategies

Innovative and Competitive Charging Structures

Pre-eminent Compliance and Ethical Culture




We provide a comprehensive range of Debt Recovery, Trace & Collect and fee based Tracing Services. Each product is structured with a number of innovative and flexible charging options, along with operational philosophies that are unique in the credit service industry.

Debt Recovery and Trace & Collect

Our Debt Recovery and Trace & Collect services provide for an alternative strategy to clients because of its unique charging structure. Our commission rate is adaptive and based upon address type, payment type and age from date of placement.

Our initial activity will involve data cleansing, segmentation, and scoring strategies and are implemented prior to commencing our customer contact activity. Our flow paths and communication strategies can be pre agreed and adapted on a client to client basis, ensuring that the most efficient and effective processes are being deployed.

Fee Based Tracing

Unlike other tracing agencies our fees and strategies are based upon the probability of clients successfully collecting from their customer once a successful trace has been achieved. In addition, we have found that direct contact information such as mobile, home, works telephone numbers, email addresses, and our hotkey reconnection service is critical to maximising recoveries. Our Trace service has been designed with this in mind.

For further information please contact Louise Skinner, Head of Client Services:

Tel: 01386 425414

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